True Green Clean All

All-Purpose Surface Cleaner

CLEAN ALL is a highly dilutable, versatile, all-purpose detergent with a fresh floral citrus bouquet, suitable for washing floors, bench tops and other hard surfaces found in kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes, motels, hotels, caravan parks, institutions, and schools.




Window Cleaner

Non-streaking window & mirror cleaner contains no alkalis or harsh abrasives. Penetrates & dissolves dirt, film & oily stains on glass & mirrors.


Grenade is the ultra floor polish stripper! No scrubbing or rinsing - cuts stripping time & stays wet longer. Free from harmful alkali residues. Non ammoniated.


Liquidate is a heavy duty cleaner & quick break degreaser excellent for use where waste water purity & spent oil/grease recovery is critical. Liquidate's formula contains no solvents or caustic hydroxides to emulsify wastes as used in most conventional degreasers.

Touch Down

Touch Down is a fast acting, fast breaking heavy duty degreaser. Emulsifiers & solvents get straight to work removing and solubilising the broad spectrum of soils found eg. petroleum based grease, soil, animal fat, industrial swarf, road grime, ink, water based paint, food & beverage spills, rubber & tyre marks.


Rich hand cleansing lotion cosmetically formulated to clean & protect skin from harsh environmental conditions. Rich lather removes light soil, leaving skin soft & supple.


Maskall is an example of the latest technology in odour control. Malodours are completely eliminated by a process known as molecular encapsulation. Maskall is a highly active liquid odour control agent and provides positive control or elimination of industrial waste odours and is best applied as an intermittent spray. Odours from garbage trucks, stagnant pools etc. may be controlled by the application of Maskall.