Blue Lazer
Toilet Bowl, Urinal & Washroom Cleaner / Disinfectant. BLUE LAZER is a highly effective toilet and urinal cleaner that is safe to use on stainless steel, to remove uric acid build-ups. Body fats, soap scale and mildew.

5Litre $37.19                     15Litre $73.14

Cleaner / Sanitiser
ALL UP is a powerful water based quaternary ammonium compound which inhibits bacteria growth. ALL UP is a hard surface cleaner, ideally suited for automatic scrubbers. Special blends of essential oils and perfume compounds neutralize and deodorise malodours.

5Litre $37.13                         25Litre $109.54

Enviromently safe, Magic is a combination of natural occurring replenishable materials such as sugar cane, citrus oils, palm oil and coconut oil. In the bathroom Magic removes soap scum build ups and body fats from shower stalls as well as uric acid from toilets and urinals. Magic also removes dirt and grime from floors, walls, wash basins, also great in kitchens

5Litre $45.54                       25Litre $140.87


B&N Window Cleaner

B&N WINDOW CLEANER is a non streaking window and mirror cleaner that contains no alkalis or harsh abrasives. B&N Window Cleaner penetrates and dissolves deposits of dirt, film and oily stains on glass and mirror surfaces, as well as laminated and vinyl surfaces.

5Litre $36.92                                    25 Litre $136.70

Useall is a highly dilutable, versatile, neutral all purpose detergent. Useall takes on any cleaning job from washing heavily soiled floors to crystal glassware. Useall is economical and safe on all washable surfaces found in such areas as hospitals, nursing homes, veterinarians, motels, hotels, caravan parks institutions, schools, kitchens and public works.

5Litre $35.66                        15Litre $78.50                        25Litre $117.58


Pinkchlor Soaker

Pinkchlor is a multi-purpose powdered detergent sanitiser / destainer ideal for use in all commercial kitchens, bars, cellars and food preparation areas. Pinkchlor combines oxygen & chlorine releasing agents to neutralise tannin stains from crockery, glassware, tea & coffee pots, leaving them streak free & sparkling. A concentrated bactericide destroys disease causing germs quickly and effectively.

10kg $81.64

DFA100 is a concentrated foaming, grease releasing cleaner developed especially for kitchens, restaurants, abattoirs and all food processing industries. DFA100 breaks down fatty grease build-ups faster and easier than any other type of cleaner, and is specially formulated to penetrate and cut through proteins, fats, grease, vegetable oil, blood and soap scum on all hard surfaces. 

5Litre $44.34                              15Litre $97.55

High Alkaline Cleaner
CERT is a highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaner that will remove the most persistent and hard-to-move soil. CERT's wide field of application makes it the ideal choice for the customer who needs a versatile product with an aggressive cleaning action that can take the place of several existing products.

5Litre $31.50                                     25Litre $103.35


King Hit

King Hit is a multi-layered chemical compound that masks putrid smells, absorbs odour, deodorises and disinfects. King Hit can be used to control and destroy malodour in toilets, hospitals, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, funeral parlours, caravan parks, sewerage treatment works, restaurants, hotels, clubs, rent-a-cars, buses, schools and all public areas. Fresh floral fragrance.

5Litre $30.98                                      25Litre $111.31